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Company Name: WIH Resource Group, Inc.
Blog Address: https://wihresourcegroup.wordpress.com/
Education and Credentials:
WIH Resource Group, Inc. is active in the environmental industry specializing in M&A transaction, due diligence, project and management operations and documentation services with a specialty service niche in the solid waste industry.

Our services and performance in the M&A arena have included mergers and acquisitions and transaction management projects and company appraisal and business enterprise valuation services for both public agencies and private sector environmental or solid waste companies for many private closely held companies and projects.

Mergers & Acquistions (M&A)

WIH Resource Group, Inc. advises and consults on a wide range of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services, and actively participates in transaction due diligence and research projects associated with merger and acquisition transactions.
We assist the business principals, the legal/accounting teams, and other active parties requiring hands on assistance in documenting and supporting transactional work, forecasting, competition issues, regional material flows, on data collection, and verification projects. At WIH Resource Group, we help make every merger integration process a successful one by utilizing very efficient industry standard M&A due diligence best practices.
Business, Assets and Facility Valuations

WIH Resource Group, Inc. Principals and Senior Associates have been active in business, assets and facility valuations for decades, performing business valuations within many different industries. This extensive experience has helped us develop very efficient business valuation techniques.

We are experts at applying the various measures, tests, and multiples – with appropriate consideration given to both large and small business appraisals. We consider not only the business assets and valuation cash flow, but the industry niche in which the business operates. Our financial planning and proforma modeling systems will compare subject business to groups of other companies operating within that same NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System or NAICS).

Our skills and experience are particularly applicable to business mergers and acquisitions in the environmental industry, including landfill sales and acquisitions, buying and selling businesses that operate waste transfer stations, and mergers and acquisitions of both general freight and specialty transportation logistics firms.

Our approach to business valuation or business appraisal is threefold: First we develop a valuation based on the application of current industry transaction multiples; then we build financial and forecast models to construct a valuation cash flow for the subject enterprise; the third element is to apply discount cash flow modeling techniques; and, where applicable, we will also use a comparison of sale values within industry segments or niche market areas.
Waste Transportation - Collection, Transfer, Wastebyrail, Barging

WIH Resource Group, Inc. Clients include several of the world’s largest shipping and waste transportation companies and most of the solid waste management collection, transfer and disposal companies that move waste materials long distances throughout North America.

The team of subject matter experts at WIH Resource Group have extensive experience in the transportation of all forms and types of waste and cargo materials including nuclear, hazardous, municipal solid waste (MSW), recyclables and all forms of remediated soils, other contaminated residuals and C&D wastes.
Business Brokerage Services

WIH Resource Group, Inc.'s team of industry experts has over 35 years combined experience in brokering business sales, mergers, and acquisitions. We bring sellers and qualified buyers together, and move the sale of the business through to completion with expert due diligence, valuation, and highly skilled negotiation services.

Even the most attractive business offering cannot be sold
unless the business for sale is matched with a qualified and interested buyer so let us assist you with getting the word out to over 22,000 industry contacts we have in our electronic newsletter database.
Business and Facility Acquistions
While the pace of economic recovery is still slow, the current economic situation presents many opportunities to grow via acquisition. WIH Resource Group, Inc. is proud to represent businesses that present excellent opportunities for acquisition and expansion. Contact us at admin@wihrg.com to learn more about current acquisition opportunities and/or if you are looking to sell.
Waste Management, Recycling, Waste Collection, Transfer Station, Landfill / Disposal and Transportation Expert Witness Expertise

In response to growing requests and inquiries from existing and potential clients for expert witnesses in the fields of solid waste management, recycling and MRF operations, environmental law and multi-modal transportation, WIH now offers expert witness services for clients in both the private and public sectors.

WIH’s experienced staff will provide specialized expertise as expert witnesses for lawsuits, arbitrations and litigation for clients in the areas of environmental compliance, recycling services, solid waste management and transportation operational related matters.

These specialized service offerings will provide new and existing clients specialized expert witness services and include these additional areas of interest:

Solid waste management industry best practices and performance standards
Recycling Programs and Processes – both in collection and processing
Material Recovery Facilities(MRFs) Operations and Processing Standards
Transfer station and landfill operations
Expert witness services related to solid waste collection vehicles
Solid waster transfer trucking as well as general trucking
WastebyRail Services and Programs / Operations
Wasteby Barge (Maritime) Transportation
General case and contracts review
Document and deposition review
Facility (site) inspections (as requested)
Expert witness deposition and testimony

Providing these specialized services allows our clients to tap into our team’s knowledge base and “real world” experience from our decades
of having worked for some of the largest private companies and Fortune 500 solid waste management firms in North America.

A Word on our Selection Process and Our Commitment
In determining whether to provide our expert witness services to a potential client, we base our decisions on several factors including our understanding of your requirements, the case background, location, critical events and our relative similar "real world" experiences.

Once we agree to provide our services to a client, we guarantee our full commitment in providing reliable and accurate information and expertise for your case. We look forward to serving your needs.

For further information on our fee schedule, feel free to call 480.241.9994 or e-mail us at admin@wihrg.com
Solid Waste Operational Management Experience
Litigation related to solid waste operations, landfills, transfer stations, truck transportation, recycling and environmental matters in general, has grown at a rapid pace over the past two decades, as businesses and government agencies have come under greater scrutiny for their environmental practices, in turn facing
potentially costly claims and lawsuits.

In response to this growing need for specialized Expert
Witnesses in these areas, WIH Resource Group's team
of experts is now available to respond in filling the needs of clients who are either the plaintiff or defendant in cases.
Years in Practice: 27
Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 5
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WIH Resource Group (WIH) is based in Phoenix, Arizona and provides its expertise to our clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America. WIH and its affiliates also specialize in financial and operational analysis of integrated solid waste management programs. At WIH Resource Group, one of our primary missions is to serve the solid waste and recycling needs of local governmental agencies, municipalities and private sector clients. The combined team of experts at WIH Resource Group are uniquely qualified to assist you with consulting services.

Global Leader in Waste Management Consulting The WIH Resource Group Team offers unique qualifications and experience needed to provide the full range of waste management consulting, technical research and development services required to successfully complete integrated solid waste and recycling projects. The WIH Resource Group team has worked with hundreds of municipalities, multiple jurisdictional solid waste authorities and private sector clients across the Western United States to evaluate, plan, improve financials and operations, assess and improve their regulatory compliance and management throughout their individual organizations.

Knowledge of Local and National Solid Waste Systems, Trends, Regulations and Economics

The WIH Resource Group Team have established a track record of providing solid waste consulting services to numerous public and private sector clients. Key members of our Team have completed hundreds of solid waste and recycling projects throughout the United States.

Solid Waste and Recycling Cost of Services

As part of the WIH Resource Group team, our CPAs have developed and provide a tool known as the “Model Rate Program” that lists the major procedures and steps that typically are performed in a rate setting or cost of service analysis.

Program Development and Implementation Working with cities on program planning and implementation is a primary service of the WIH Resource Group team. We have experience in solid waste and recycling program planning, development and implementation.

Waste Reduction / Diversion and Disposal Options Members of the WIH Resource Group Team have performed and led large scale projects that focused waste reduction including identifying additional recyclables that can be collected, processed and marketed; improvements to recycling collection or processing operations.

WIH Resource Group’s diversified team of industry experts are commited to continue to provide our diverse client base with information and sustainable solutions that assist them in reaching their client-specific goals and various initiatives.

Real World Industry Experience
The WIH Resource Group team has over forty years of combined management and project experience in developing solutions to challenges in environmental, solid waste & bio-solids management, transportation and logistics. Prior to joining WIH Resource Group, several members of our team spent over forty years (combined) with some of the largest Fortune 500 solid waste companies and the largest provider of solid waste management services in North America, in various senior-level key management positions throughout the United States.

Our experience includes the oversight of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety and environmental compliance while maintaining responsibility for multi-million dollar publicly and privately held assets including: a variety of collection operations, Sub-title D and hazardous and Class II landfills, transfer stations, intermodal facilities, recycling centers, buyback centers, material recovery facilities, vehicle and container maintenance operations, call centers and payment processing operations.

We look forward to serving you and assisting you in reaching your goals.

For additional information and/or to discuss your individual needs, feel free to contact Bob Wallace of WIH Resource Group at 480.241.9994 or via email at admin@wihrg.com

Be Sure to Visit WIH Resource Group’s Daily Environmental News Blog for current information on Environmental, Economic, Energy, Alternative Fuels, Technology, Solid Waste, Recycling and Transportation Topics.

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