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Company Name: Alcohol Solutions, LLC
Education and Credentials:

Doctor of Philosophy: Awarded a PhD in Business with a specialization in business and corporate security
including a focus on responsible alcohol retailing practices. Inducted into the Gold Key Honor
Society. Northcentral University.

Post-Graduate Program: School of Criminal Justice Education, University of Virginia through the FBI

Master of Science: Awarded a Master of Science Degree in Public and Business Administration .
Central Michigan University.

Bachelor of Science: Awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology from The Florida State


National Board of Directors of the FBI National Academy Associates.

Elected to the National Board of Directors of the largest professional law enforcement executives association in the world serving over 17,000 members worldwide. Served as International President in 2005.

Certified Public Manager.

Concluded the eight level program leading to the designation of Certified Public Manager through the
Center for Public Management at The Florida State University. Invited to join the CPM program as an
instructor providing management training to government employees throughout Florida.

Fulbright Fellowship to the United Kingdom in Police Studies

Was the ninth recipient of the award and the first law enforcement executive selected representing a state agency. Studied police practices, regulation of the beverage alcohol industry, and youthful drinking/youthful impaired driving issues in the United Kingdom. Lectured at the University of Exeter, UK. Served as the Chair of the Fulbright Peer Review Committee for subsequent application years.

Enforcement Director, Governor’s Tobacco Team.

Appointed to the Governor’s Tobacco Team to determine funding priorities for $200 million dollars
of Tobacco Settlement Funds. Developed and wrote the Youth Tobacco Enforcement Programs for the
State of Florida. Served as the Pilot Program Enforcement Director in determining enforcement
priorities and creating innovative enforcement programs addressing youth access to and youth use of
tobacco products.

Chairman of the Board, Northeast Florida Safety Council. Also served as President, Vice
President, Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors. Elected Board Member Emeritus.

Member: National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association Public Health Advisory Committee

Appointed to the national committee charged with advising administrators of State and County
Alcoholic Beverage Control agencies with evolving health and public safety issues related to the sale
and consumption of beverage alcohol.

Training and Education Chair, Governors Changing Alcohol Norms Policy Workgroup on Youth

Appointed by Governor Bush as one of 30 experts selected to develop Florida’s blueprint for reducing underage drinking.

Member: The Governor’s Council on Young Adult Drivers.

Appointed to the Council on Young Adult Drivers by then Governor Lawton Chiles to examine ways in which to make driving safer for young people in Florida. Appointment was based on extensive knowledge in the field of youthful drinking and youthful impaired driving. Served as co-chair of the Council Steering Committee.

Team Tobacco.

Envisioned, created, and managed Team Tobacco, an innovative internal resource team designed to solve tobacco related enforcement problems. The Team was the winner of the Davis Productivity Award.

Member: Florida Youth Substance Prevention Initiative and Governor’s Substance Abuse Advisory Council

Appointed by the Governor to serve on the Substance Abuse Advisory Council which advises the Governor and Legislature on substance abuse matters and awards state and federal grants.

Commission Chairman: City of Jacksonville Advisory Commission on Alcohol and Tobacco,

Appointed by then Mayor Ed Austin and elected to the Chairmanship by the members of the Commission. Led the commission through the difficult discussion and resolution concerning the issue of alcohol and tobacco billboard advertising.

Conferee: The International Symposium on the Future of Law Enforcement, FBI Academy,

Two hundred law enforcement executives worldwide were invited to this symposium to discuss the
future of law enforcement into the twenty first century. Prepared a paper for the conference which
was accepted into the official conference proceedings.

Delegate: The White House Conference for a Drug Free America, Washington, D.C.,

Served as a staff member to the law enforcement sub-committee for both the state and national
conferences. The committee developed a national drug policy which was presented to President

President, Florida Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates.

Ascended through the chairs to serve as President of this 850 member association of law enforcement executives in Florida. Less than one percent of law enforcement officers in the United States attend the FBI National Academy during their career.

F.B.I. National Academy Graduate, 149th. Session.

Graduated first in class of 250 law enforcement executives. One thousand law enforcement officers
are selected annually from law enforcement agencies worldwide to attend this thirteen week program.

Trainer and program designer for a grant funded educational program titled: Youth & Alcohol, Developing Effective Management Strategies.

This program has been presented to over 1,000 Florida Law Enforcement Officers to help in the development of management strategies to reduce youthful drinking and youthful impaired driving and served as the foundation for a national program.

Developed and implemented Operation ALERT, an acronym for Alcohol Law Enforcement/ Retail Training.

This program has been presented to retail vendors of alcoholic beverages throughout Florida and has
reduced alcohol related deaths and injury among underage drivers.

Inducted into Golden Key academic society and Delta Mu Delta academic fraternity.

Fraternity Alcohol Hazing, Cruise Ship Alcohol Liability, Social Host, Business Party Liability, Bar Operation, Restaurant Operation, Alcohol Expert, Underage Alcohol Harm, Minors, Sorority Alcohol Hazing, Responsible Alcohol Retailing, Bar Security.

Law Enforcement Major / Captain, Youth and Alcohol/Tobacco Program Administrator, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Responsible for administrating the State’s response to issues concerning youth access to and use of alcohol and tobacco including education and training, program development, grants and contracts, public awareness, technical assistance, and legislative and intergovernmental liaison. Managed the State-wide enforcement program that represented 58% of the Division’s total enforcement activities.

Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program Administrator, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Responsible for monitoring responsible vendor training content and assisting responsible beverage service training companies throughout Florida providing training to beverage retailers under the Florida Responsible Vendor Act.

Developed and implemented the innovative enforcement component of the Governor’s Pilot Program concerning youth tobacco which involved $32 Million in program activities. Negotiated the first national contract for tobacco enforcement and served as the contract administrator for the State’s tobacco enforcement contract with the US Food and Drug Administration. Served as Administrator of Florida’s Synar program. Obtained $2.5 million in grant support for youth alcohol enforcement programs. Program administrator for the Federal SYNAR tobacco access compliance program resulting in the highest compliance rate in the nation for the first five years. Administrator of Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program.

Assisted Florida State University in the development of the Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility, an American Medical Association “Matter of Degree” grant funded project.

Captain/District Commander, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Jacksonville. Commanded a fourteen county district in Northeast Florida. Responsible for regulatory compliance, criminal investigations, drug investigations, background investigations and problem solving within the alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries. Provide guidance and advice to members of the regulated industry, the public, special interests, and legislators concerning a wide range of community and industry issues.

Assistant to the Director, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Tallahassee. Served as the agency Chief Financial Officer and Chief Training Officer responsible for the preparation of the agency’s (then) budget of over twenty five million dollars. Coordinated purchase of all equipment including vehicles and communication systems and coordinated all law enforcement, auditing, and support services training. Lobbied the Florida Legislature on behalf of the Division.

Lieutenant/District Commander, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Tallahassee.
Commanded a twelve county district in north central Florida served by a district and two sub-district

Sergeant/ Sub-District Commander, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Sarasota. Commanded a three county sub-district in southwest Florida.

Special Agent, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Ft. Lauderdale and Gainesville.
Conducted criminal and administrative investigations of violation of the beverage and tobacco laws of
the State of Florida. Served on a special unit that investigated cigarette smuggling throughout the
Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Conducted numerous undercover investigations including
unlawful drug and weapons violations.

University Police Officer II at Florida International University Police Department, Miami. Served as
the midnight shift supervisor in charge of police services on two university campuses.

University Police Officer I for the University of Florida Police Department, Gainesville.
Police Officer, Ouray, Colorado Police Department. Deputy Sheriff, Montrose County Sheriff’s office, Montrose, Colorado.


Consultant in Private Practice:

Principal in the consulting firm Alcohol Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Responsible Retailing and Use of Beverage Alcohol. Alcohol Solutions LLC provides litigation support in civil actions rising from alcohol related injury or death. 2003 – present.

Consultant to Orange County, Florida and the University of Central Florida and principal director of a 10 year grant funded project designed to develop and reinforce responsible retailing practices. 2008 – present.

Co-Director and co-author of a CSAP funded project and report on Best Practices in Responsible Retailing.

Co-Director, Four State Demonstration Project, in which innovative responsible retailing initiatives are being implemented in New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa, and in Alabama.

Consulted with representatives of over 25 states on FDA and Synar related tobacco enforcement activities and programs.

Consulted with representatives of the retail alcohol and tobacco industries on retailer training programs.

Consulted with the University of North Florida on Law Enforcement Surveys relating to youth tobacco enforcement and use.

Provided consulting services on the Combating Underage Drinking program of the US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, through the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

Consulted with Florida State University on the American Medical Association funded Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility.

Consultant for Brandeis University on Electronic Age Verification.

Staff consultant for the Center for Responsible Retailing.

Consultant with the US Department of Heath and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

Member – National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association Public Health Advisory Committee. 2010 – present.

Member – American Hospitality & Lodging Association

Member – National Restaurant Association

Certified Food Safety Manager Trainer

Director – Center for Law Enforcement & Security at Northcentral University.

Northcentral University is a regionally accredited on-line university offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The Center for Law Enforcement & Security provides law enforcement training, subject matter expertise in course and program development and review, and marketing services to the law enforcement, public safety, homeland security and business and corporate security professions.


Adjunct Instructor, University of North Florida, Institute of Police Technology and Management,

Adjunct Instructor, Florida Community College at Jacksonville,

Police Academy Instructor:
Areas of instruction: Management, Communication, Beverage and Tobacco Laws, Investigative
Techniques, Drug Investigations, and Youthful Impaired Driving Investigation.

Presented instructional programs in a third of the police academies in Florida. Presented training programs to many state and national conferences including the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association, National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, F.B.I. National Academy, the National Conference on Tobacco and Health, The National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida and Alaska Prevention Conferences, The National OJJDP Training Conference, the National Synar Conference, School Resource Officers Association among many others.

Presented hundreds of talks and lectures to community, civic, parent, professional, educational, and industry groups and associations on various aspects of law enforcement.
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Maj. Mark Willingham holds a PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in business, corporate, and school security. His research focused on responsible alcohol retailing and business security practices. Maj. Willingham holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and a Masters of Science in Business and Public Administration.

Maj. Willingham holds the designation of Certified Public Manager. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and served as the 2005 FBI National Academy Associates’ International President. He received the Fulbright Fellowship in Police Studies to the United Kingdom where he conducted research on youth access prevention, regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry, and control of abusive drinking.

Maj. Willingham served with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for twenty-eight years and provided beverage licensing, regulatory, and law enforcement services as a Law Enforcement Commander. In addition to serving as the Division’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Training Officer, he served as Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program Administrator, Florida’s Youth and Alcohol Program Administrator, and as a State Hearing Officer.

Maj. Willingham’s underage alcohol access prevention and responsible retailing efforts have resulted in his recognition as a national expert. His work has influenced public policy, generated awareness on substantive issues, and has provided the basis for management and program decisions on the National and State levels. Willingham was the Co-Director of a national research project leading to the creation of a Federal Government guidance document titled: Best Practices in Responsible Retailing. He has authored four books and over fifty articles in state and national law enforcement journals on leadership, management, and alcohol related issues. Major Willingham is a national speaker on alcohol related risk, mitigation and responsible retailing issues.

Maj. Willingham serves as a litigation consultant and expert witness in alcohol related death and injury cases. He specializes in Dram Shop cases, underage sales and alcoholic beverage premises liability matters and has been engaged in or consulted on over 500 dram shop and related lawsuits.

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