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Company Name: S Systems Inc.
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Education and Credentials:
Stanford University

Ph.D., CCRMA, 1985

Advisor: John Chowning. Graduate course work in music, signal processing, computer architecture, assembly-language coding, digital audio, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and digital hardware. For the Ph.D. dissertation (Modeling Musical Transitions, 1985) I analyzed articulations and transitions between notes in digitized monophonic musical instrument recordings using the short-time Fourier transform. Software development experience listed above.

IBM Thomas Watson Foundation

Grant to study electronic music, Tokyo, Japan, 1976

Live performances on piano and Roland System 700 analog synthesizer.
Also travel through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Fulbright Scholar, Technical University Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 1973-74, renewed 1974-75

Graduate-level course work in music theory/history, audio engineering, analog studio electronics, cybernetics, control theory, coding theory, Japanese; all course work in German. Extensive recording studio and live concert sound reinforcement experience. PDP-11 and PDP-8 assembler and machine language. Travel throughout Europe.


B. Mus., 1973

Double degree in organ and music theory. Experience with electronic music, analog synthesizers, BASIC, FORTRAN, MUSIC V on an IBM 360.
software and source code
computers, laptops, cell phones, mobile devices, handheld devices (e.g. medical)
processor architecture
user interfaces
media: audio, music, speech, video
compression (e.g., MPEG, MP3)
digital signal processing, mathematics, algorithms
file downloading, file streaming, client/server
protocols such as internet protocol (IP)
video games

Here is a longer list of keywords:
algorithm, Android, Apple, audio, C, C++, call center, cell phone, cinema, claim chart, class action litigation, client/server, compression (MP-3, MPEG-4, AAC used in iTunes, AC-3, FLAC), computer, copyright litigation involving software, declaration, deposition, digital camera, digital signal processing, DSP, Dutch, embedded, expert report, file downloading, streaming, Fortran, French, German, handheld device (e.g. medical), HTML, infringement analysis, Inter Partes Reviews, Internet, Internet protocol, invalidity, iOS, IP, iPhone, IPR, ITC investigations, Japanese, Java, Javascript, JPEG, laptop, Markman, mathematics, media: audio, music, speech, video, mobile device, MPEG, multimedia, music, music instrument, patent litigation, prior art, processor architecture, protocol, ring tone, schematic, software, source code, source code comparison, speech, SQL, synthesizer, tablet, television, trade secret litigation, transform, tutorial, user interface, USPTO, video (MPEG), video game, XML
17 depositions;
3 times at trial including Lucent v Microsoft;
several IPRs;
2 ITC cases.
Invalidity, non-infringement.
I write my own reports.
Full litigation list available as part of my resume at
Years in Practice: 40+ years experience with software; 22 years experience in patent litigation.
Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 6 depositions / 0 trial appearances in last 4 years. 17 depositions / 3 trial appearances total.
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Litigation Support

Dr. Strawn is a seasoned expert witness specializing in patent litigation with experience in Federal Court, the International Trade Commission, and the US Patent Office. (View resume).  He has been deposed 15 times, testified at trial 3 times including the landmark case Lucent v Microsoft, and submitted 9 IPR declarations. Dr. Strawn handles validity and infringement for both plaintiffs and defendants. Based on his own research, he writes his own reports and declarations. View list of litigation assignments


Dr. Strawn is an accomplished programmer in high-level languages such as C and C++ as well as in low-level assembly language for digital signal processors. Dr. Strawn draws on experience gathered with mainframe computers and punched cards, mini computers, microcomputers, personal computers, embedded processors, and mobile devices. View list of consulting projects.

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