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Company Name: INNOVATE, LLC
Education and Credentials:
* Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering (1988), Wayne State University, Michigan, USA; M.S. Electrical
Engineering (WSU); M.S. Electronics Engineering (UT); B.S. Electrical Engineering (UB).
* Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Michigan, License No. 6201034468.1989-present.
* Course in Mechatronic Systems Engineering (with Dr. Kevin Craig), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New
York, 2001. (Sponsored by the NSF)
* Course in Creativity and Innovation (with Dr. G. Graham Allan and Zinovy Y. Royzen), University of
Washington, Seattle, Washington, 2001. (Sponsored by the NSF)
* Course in Teaching Creative Thinking to Enhance Critical Thinking (with Dr. Sidney J. Parnes), State
University College at Buffalo, New York, 2002. (Sponsored by the NSF)
* Course in Object Oriented Programming, C++ and Java (with Dr. Joseph E. Lang), University of Dayton,
Dayton, Ohio, 2002. (Sponsored by the NSF)
* Workshop in NanoEngineering Design and IEEE DesignCon Conference, Silicon Valley, California, 2003.
* IEEE Workshop in Leadership, IEEE Region 4, Romulus, Michigan, 2004.
* Corporate Management Course, Approved by the State of Florida, Florida, 2006.
* Corporate Investment Course, Approved by the State of Florida, Florida, 2007.
* LEED Seminar, Orlando, Florida, Orlando 2011
* Remcom’s XFdtd workshop, Orlando, Florida, 2012, Orlando, FL.
* Comsol’s Multiphysics workshop, Orlando, Florida, 2012, Orlando, FL
* IBM Course in Systems Engineering, INNOVATE Symposium, June 2014, Orlando, FL.
* IBM Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things Symposium, Sept. 2014, Orlando, FL.
* AmCon Orlando Seminars, April 2015, Orlando, Florida
* National Instruments, Developing Monitoring and Control Systems with LabView & Compact RIO Hands –
On, June 2015, Orlando, FL.
* IBM Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things Symposium, Dec. 2015, Orlando, FL.
* AmCon Orlando Seminars, March 2016, Orlando, FL
* IBM Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things Symposium, Sept. 2016, Orlando, FL.
M.H. Hassan has over 25 years of experience as a professor, consulting engineer, expert witness, and inventor specializing in the field of Electrical Engineering with specific knowledge and expertise in the areas of: Systems Engineering, Electrical Systems, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Microprocessors, Microelectronics, Analog Integrated Circuits, Digital Integrated Circuits, Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Programmable Chips, Analog Communication Systems, Digital Communication Systems, Communication Networks, Telecommunications, Optics, Fiber Optics, Optical Electronics, Optical Communications, Optical Sensors, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Analog Control Systems, Digital Control Systems, PLCs, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Imaging, Document Imaging, Automotive Electronics, AI, Expert Systems, Decision Theories, Decision Under Uncertainty, Analog Circuits, Automation, Batteries, Circuits, Communication, Computer, Control Engineering, Control Systems, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Electric Devices, Electro-mechanical Devices, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Engineering, Engineering Education & Training, Engineering Electrical, Engineering Electronics, Engineering Consulting Services, Integrated Circuits, Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology, Laser Systems, Microprocessors, Microcomputers, Microwave, Noise Pollution, Alternative Energy, Power Plants, System Analysis, System Design, Technology, Wireless Systems. He published peer-reviewed papers and books on such topics as Computer Engineering, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Automated Vehicles, Communication Systems, Electronics, Optics, and Integrated Circuits. He was also granted three US patents related to Electric Vehicles, Wireless Communications, Optical Switches, and Alternative Energy Plants. Dr. Hassan was awarded the IEEE Best Educator award and served as Vice Chair of IEEE SEM Section, and as the Chair of the Consultants’ Network of the IEEE Orlando Section. He is a licensed professional engineer, a senior member of IEEE, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Sigma Xi, a member of the Inventors Council of Central Florida, and a former member of SPIE and ACM.
1. Employer Name: INNOVATE, LLC, Windermere, Florida, USA
Position: Research Scientist/Consulting Engineer
Dates: July 2007 - Present
• Product Design and Development
• Research and Development
• Engineering Consulting Services
• Expert Witness Services
• Intellectual Properties and Patent Development
• Updating of Existing Products
• Commercializing Technology
• Designing end-to-end system solutions
• Applying new technology to create strong value propositions
• Aligning technological solutions with business strategy
• Product line enhancement and evolution
• Creating and protecting intellectual property
• Technical evaluation of investment/acquisition candidates.
• Prototype development and fabrication
• Problem Solving.
• Innovative Idea Creation
• Education - Course Development
• Education – Professional and Training Development
• Education – Textbook Development
• Realization of specific products or services:
o System and product architecture
o Standards compliance and implications
o Technology evaluation and tradeoffs
o Make vs. buy decisions
o Develop vs. outsource decisions
o Vendor evaluation and selection
o Design reviews
o Product rollout
o User documentation and training
o Competitive market analysis
2. Employer Name: Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan, USA
Position: Assistant/Associate Professor
Dates: September 1988 – July 2007 (20 Years Experience of Teaching, Research, and Advising)
* Research and Development
* Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Students
* Course and Program Development (helped to develop a large number of courses and degrees)
* Research Grants Development
* Management and Leadership
* Project Design, Advising, and Implementation
* Student Advising
* ABET Industrial Liaison
* Served on the University Strategic Planning Committee
* Served on the Faculty Senate
3. Employer Name: Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Position: Adjunct Professor/Graduate Advisor
Dates: Jan. 1985 to May 1988 (as a Teaching Assistant) and Sept. 1992 to July 2002 (an Adjunct
Professor and Graduate Advisor) 14 Years of Teaching and Research Experience
* Research and Development (Published numerous papers and reports)
* Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate level courses
* Course Development (developed a large number of graduate engineering courses)
* Research Grants Development
* Management and Leadership
* Project Design, Advising, and Implementation

* Inventor with 3 granted US Patents # 8,729,726; 8,559,825 and 8,220,569.
* Author of a number of books and peer-refereed scientific journal and conference papers.
* Designed a large number of Complex Systems, Electrical Systems, Digital and Analogue Systems, Automotive
Control Systems, Mechatronics Systems.
* Knowledge and Design of Microelectronics Systems, Design and Development of Digital/Analog/Mixed
Integrated Circuits, ASIC, FPGA, PLDs; High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing, Digital Systems
Design; Custom Design of Integrated Circuits at Transistor-level; Semi-custom Design at Cell and Gate levels.
* Used Design/modeling/simulation tools, CUPL, VHDL, Verilog, Schematic Capture, PCB layout, Altara
MAX+Plus II/Quartus II, Cypress WARP, Mentor Graphics, Tanner L-Edit, Cadence, Orcad, SPICE,
MAPLE, MATLAB, & Circad.
* Designed and Utilized Embedded Systems, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Self-Standing
Microcomputers Design, Memory, I/Os peripheral interface, Sensors and Actuators. Hardware and Software
Assembly. PLCs.
* Knowledge and Design of Digital and Analog Communication Systems; Digital Communication Networks;
Wireless and Space Communications; Digital Communication Theory; and Optical Communication Systems.
* Knowledge and Design of Imaging Systems, Medical Imaging, Real-time Digital Image Processing and
Computer Vision, Perception, Motion Detection, Image Enhancement and Restoration, Image Segmentation,
Image Compression, Image Representation, Object Detection and Tracking, Real-Time Object Recognition,
Recognition under Uncertainty, Robotics and Robotic Vision; Digital Signal Processing.
* Knowledge and Design of Sustainable and Alternative Energy, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Guided Vehicles,
Developed a patented system of a “green electric vehicle”.
* Knowledge and Design of Controls and Dynamical Systems, Continuous and Digital Control Systems Design,
System Modeling, Optimal Control, Non-linear Control, Adaptive Control, and Mechatronics Systems Design.
Simulation and Design Tools.
* Knowledge and Design of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Knowledge Representation. Decision
Theories, Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic, Reasoning based on Uncertainty, and Multi-Sensor Fusion.
* Knowledge and Design of Optical Systems and Optical Computing, Fiber Optics, Integrated Optics, Optical
Electronics, and Optical Communication Systems.
* Knowledge and Design of Electrical Systems, Wire Harness Design, Design According to National Code of
Residential and Commercial Buildings; Automotive Electrical Systems and Automotive Electronics.
* Developed and Taught a Large Number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses.
* Helped to develop a number of Degrees and Programs.
* Advised a large number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Design Projects
* Petroleum-Alternative Power Plant (US Patent # 8,729,726; May 20, 2014)
* Digital Communication Method and System (US Patent # 8,559,825; October 15, 2013)
* Green Electric Vehicle Utilizing Multiple Sources of Energy (US Patent # 8,220,569; July 17, 2012)
* Image Thresholding Based on Human Learning Theory (Published Paper)
* Real-Time Image Thresholding Technique Using Digital Filters (Published Paper)
* Polygonal Approximation for Digital Image Segmentation (Published Paper)
* Object Recognition Based on Dempster-Shaefer Reasoning (Published Paper)
* Speed-Sensitive Radio for Automotive Applications (Published Paper)
* Voice Recognition Digital Cipher Lock for Smart Vehicles (Published Paper)
* An Intelligent Approach for Sensor Integration based on Fuzzy Set Theory and Dempster’s Rule for
Combining Beliefs (Published Paper)
* Image Segmentation Using Variable Thresholding Functions (Published Paper)
* Microprocessor Guided Vehicles for Manufacturing Applications (Published Paper)
* Diesel Engine Controller for Improved Air Quality and Engine Performance (Published Paper)
* A Microprocessor Controlled Portable Communication System for the Impaired (Published Paper)
* Real Time region Growing Algorithm for Image Segmentation and Target Tracking (Published Paper)
* A VLSI Implementation of a Thresholder for Real-Time Image Segmentation (Published Paper)
* Teaching How to Design Analog and Digital Filters in One Lecture (Published Paper)
* The Introduction of Creativity, Innovation and Research in the Classroom (Published Paper)
* A Low Distortion Tri-Wave to Sine Converter Using FET Difference Amplifier (Published Paper)
* Intelligent Control System Using Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence (Published Paper)
* Electrometer and Electrocardiogram Design (Published Report)
* Real-Time Target Recognition (Published Report)
* Real-time Signal Enhancement Method and Apparatus (Published Report)
* Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Production (Published Report)
* Identification of Design Glitches with High-Power Light Emitting Diodes (Published Report)
* Automated Guided Vehicle (Published Report)
* Speed-Sensitive Radio for Automotive Applications (Published Paper)
* Voice Recognition Digital Cipher Lock for Smart Vehicles (Published Paper)
* Recognition of Industrial Parts in Noisy Environments (Published Paper)
* Electrical System Design for Residential and Commercial Buildings (Published Report)
* 100 Wrms by 100 Wrms Audio Amplifier (Published Report)
* Infrared Motion Detector (Published Report)
* Polygonal Approximation for Image Segmentation (Published Paper)
* Infrared Remote ON/OFF Switch (Published Report)
* Signal Averaging Module-1 (Published Report)
* Temperature Control Unit using MC68000 (Published Report)
* Master Time Controller (Published Report)
* Electronic Dartboard (Published Report)
* Baseball Scoreboard (Published Report)
* Common Theory and Applications of Field-Effect Transistors (Published Report)
* MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface Channelizer and Status Box (Published Report)
* 1 MHz Digital Oscilloscope for an IBM PC (Published Report)
* 10 Band Graphic Equalizer using Digital Signal Processing (Published Report)
* Radio Frequency Tag Information System (Published Report)
* 16-QAM Wireless Modem (Published Report)
* Automatic Pool Control (Published Report)
* Analog Aquarium Thermometer with Liquid Crystal Display (Published Report)
* Diskette Duplication Station (Published Report)
* Home Audio and Intercom System (Published Report)
* Digital Tachometer (Published Report)
* 180 Degree Pyroelectric Detector (Published Report)
* Home Intercom/Stereo System (Published Report)
* M68000 Based Home Security System (Published Report)
* 512x512 Frame Grabber-Digitizer (Published Report)
* Four Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Published Report)
* Portable Paging System for Offices (Published Report)
* Laser Range Finder (Published Report)
* Connect Four Using MC68000 (Published Report)
* Automatic Windshield Wiper Defrezeer (Published Report)
* Design of a Wide Bandwidth Function Generator (Published Report)
* Design of a Robo-Dragon (Published Report)
* Design of a Light-Effect System Using VHDL (Published Report)
* Design and Implementation of a Portable Power Meter (Published Report)
* VLSI Design of an Electronic Lock (Published Report)
* VLSI Design of a Linear Buffer Circuit (Published Report)
* Rule-Based Expert System for Engine Diagnosis (Published Report)
* Unconventional Imaging Techniques (Published Report)
* Volume Holographic Memories: The Crystal Clear Solution (Published Report)
* The Advisor: An Expert System for Helping Students with their Course Selection (Published Report)
* Fiber Optics for Smart Structures (Published Report)
* A High Density Memory Array of Two Terminal Resistive Switches for Solid State Disk Applications
(Published Report)
* Volume Optical Holographic Random Access Memory (Published Report)
* Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (Published Report)
* The Conversion of the Local Loop to Optical Fibers (Published Report)
* Hierarchical Spatial Data Structures (Published Report)
* Digital Communications Used in Automotive Industry (Published Report)
* Jitter in Digital Communications (Published Report)
* Deep-Space Communications (Published Report)
* Source Encoding with Emphasis on Quantization (Published Report)
* ASIC Design of an Events Counter (Published Report)
* ASIC Design of a 4-way Traffic Light Controller (Published Report)
* ASIC Design of an Elevator Controller (Published Report)
* ASIC design of a Headlight and Wiper Blades Controller (Published Report)
* Bi-Directional Motor’s Speed, Direction, and Operational Cycle Controller with VHDL (Published Report)
* ASIC Design for a Sump-Pump Control System. (Published Report)
Awards and Recognition
* Member of the Inventors Council of Central Florida, 2008- Present.
* IEEE Region 3, Certificate of Appreciation Award “in recognition and appreciation of your valued services
and contributions as Consultants Network Chair”, 2008-2016.
* IEEE Outstanding Engineering Educator Award, November 12, 2009.
* IEEE Orlando Section, Certificate of Appreciation Award “in recognition and appreciation of your valued
services and contributions as Consultants Network Chair”, 2009.
* IEEE Invited Speaker Award “In appreciation of your special contribution,” August 5, 2008.
* IEEE Region 3, 2008 Certificate of Appreciation Award “for Notable Services and Contributions towards
the advancement of IEEE and the Engineering Professions,” 2008.
* IEEE Orlando Section, Certificate of Appreciation Award “in recognition and appreciation of your valued
services and contributions as Consultants Network Chair”, 2008.
* IEEE Southeast Michigan Section, Certificate of Appreciation Award “for Outstanding Contribution as an
Invited Speaker to the Success of the Spring 2004 Section Conference”, March 24, 2004.
* IEEE Region 3, Orlando Section, Chair of the Consultants Network Affinity Group, 2008-Pres.
* IEEE Region 4, Southeast Michigan (SEM) Section, Section Vice-Chair, 2004.
* IEEE Region 4, Southeast Michigan Section, Director of Student Activities, 2001-2003.
* Promoted to a Senior Member Grade, IEEE, October 27, 1993.
* Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Michigan, February 08, 1989.
* Member, Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, 1988.
* Member, Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, December 2, 1988.
* Member, Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical Engineering Honor Society, April 22, 1988.
* Wayne State University Research Scholarship Award, 1988.
* Thomas C. Rumble / Wayne State University Graduate Fellow Award, May 12, 1987.
* Wayne State University Graduate-Professional Scholar Award, May 15, 1985.
* Wayne State University Teaching Scholarship Award (Graduate Assistant II), September 04, 1985.
Years in Practice: 10+
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